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Captain’s Log #2: Tickets are on SALE by Marijn

Inspired by Star Wars and superheroes these two Dutch comedians return to Fringe to analyze the past, present and future of disabilities. They realize they are no longer Guardians, but Prophets of Imperfection. Fighting for an honest place in society (with or without crisps) things take an unexpected turn in this second part of their trilogy about living with a disability. Crisps or respect, what would you choose?

The script is largely written, the first material has been tested…
Captain Cane and Brace Boy have started rehearsals for the show with director Eline Henrotte.
Captain Cane & Brace Boy action figures are not (yet) available, those are awesome design and editing skills from Harm Rieske & Anne Rosenberg.

Most impertantly Tickets are on sale now:
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Captain’s Log #1 by Marijn

This is the first log in which I, Captain Cane, will inform you of everything Captain Cane and Brace Boy and our show Prophets of Imperfection. But let me start by wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2018! I for one am very excited about  this year, for we will play Prophets of Imperfection (or just Prophets or PoI for that matter) on the Edinburgh Fringe. We will play a venue more in the center, so we can hopefully attract more people. We will only play one week, so if you want to see us play in Edinburgh, keep visiting this site and you will be completely informed.
Second, I was issued by Brace Boy to tell something about Prophets. Let me say at this point we have a general outline and subjects we want to address, but we will be working on our script ‘till the end of January. So not much to say about this, besides that it’s going to be awesome. What else would you expect from your favorite crippled superheroes?
That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more CC & BB goodness. You know you want it!
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