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IRATECRISPS is a project of Marijn de Vries & Bannie Cheff (aka Sem Bannenberg). these two funny guys made two Edinburgh Fringe shows together Guardians and Prophets of Imperfection.

Furthermore they have a number of podcasts that they have created as a duo. you can go to the specifif podcasts pages by clicking the tiles below.

The Crippled Crisp review was a podcast hosted by Marijn de Vries & Bannie Cheff. It all started during Edinburgh Fringe 2018 when these two comedians got a review, suggesting they would be great for podcasting. The podcast eventually ran from September 2018 until April 2020. This is a log of their podcasts from that period reviewing crisps, talking about society and disability and most of all, having a bunch of laughs!

Van de makers van CRIPPLED CRISP REVIEW: 

Twee gehandicapte vrienden brengen jou de beste reviews over snacks. Maar niet alleen snacks worden bekritiseerd! Deze twee pientere mannen weten alles beter, van popcultuur tot verre oudheden, politiek en toegankelijkheid. Marijn de Vries en Bannie Cheff zijn de AARDAPPELBETWETERS en samen vertellen ze jou wat je moet snacken! 

Finally, before Marijn & Bannie ever recorded their first crisp review or set foot on an Edinburgh stage they wrote a number of crisps reviews that you can find here.