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Series: Crippled Crisp Review

The Crippled Crisp review was a podcast hosted by Marijn de Vries & Bannie Cheff. It all started during Edinburgh Fringe 2018 when these two comedians got a review, suggesting they would be great for podcasting. The podcast eventually ran from September 2018 until April 2020. This is a log of their podcasts from that period reviewing crisps, talking about society and disability and most of all, having a bunch of laughs!

#13 – Sun Break Wavy Grains Sweet Chili


In this episode Marijn & Sem review a grain based crisp. Furthermore they talk about getting scammed by taxi and the fear surrounding the number 13. Please note that in the weekend of the 22nd and 30th of December CCR will bring out two amazing Winter specials! The price of the crisps was 1,25 euro for a 95 gram bag.

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#09 – Lentil Chips Chili & Lemon


CCR goes in for another Lentil crisp, this time it’s a chili & lemon flavoured one. Furthermore, Old Cap and the Crippled wonder discuss the pasport contest, crippled superheroes from Africa, Hipster foodies & Foody hipsters and the amazing power of your neighbourhood lemons.

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#08 – Chio Lentil Chips


In this episode, Marijn and Sem talk about Lentil Crisps, lentils in history and culture and getting help from friends.
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#06 – Riska Takoyaki


The captain and the boy talk about takoyaki crisps, Theresa May, octopi, and squids.
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