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AH Excellent: Red Curry & Koriander by Bannie

Sometimes you find a “golden ticket” a wonderful moment in time and space that nobody could have expected. I remember this one time a found 30 euro’s on the ground, a true golden ticket moment. After that experience it was back to my dull, normal grey, depressing live. Until last Sunday when I discovered an amazing crisp.

Red curry a classic at every Thai restaurant and coriander an couple like Beyonce & Jay-Z, Netflix & Chill and Captain Cane & Brace Boy.

The smell is that of a cold but still tasty bowl of curry. Texture wise it is a normal crunch but the taste is pure Thai bliss and the most amazing thing of all? One will really taste the coriander in this Crisp.

€0.0099 for every gram (150 grams €1,49)

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