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Hi Tempura: Spicy seaweed By Bannie

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

I do like to review Dutch crisps. However, I love to review international, exotic crisps. And this week I review a crisp all the way from Thailand. I got this in the local Asian food store in my neighborhood. The type of store that sells only food, aside from moisture absorbing packets. You should not eat those! On the other hand, you can get cancer from walking out of your front door nowadays…

Let’s start with the review: the smell is strong, but does not have the essence of seaweed. Instead it smells like tempura shrimp, which is one of my favorite sushi toppings. When I put this golden brown and green crispy rectangle in my crisp hole I was astounded by the amazing texture. When I chewed the tempura it gave that ever satisfying feeling of a near perfect crunch and the dried seaweed tickles the tongue in a very subtle but pleasant manner.  But then an obscure amount of seaweed enters the scene, but does not have a leading role in the crisp. The leading flavour is taken by the spice. Maybe a little too much if I’m perfectly honest. I needed to take a sip of my drink after every bite to not get watering eyes.
You fly through this little snack in a pace that matches Usain Bolt in a hundred meter dash. And it is a little snack, only 40 grams in a bag. At this local Asian food store they sell these crisps for €2,25! Quite a steep price for such a small bag. This and the heavy overflow of spiciness is the reason I mark these seaweed treats quite low. However, I will look out for different flavours from the same brand to give Hi Tempura another shot.

What is your favorite sushi topping? Mine is tempura shrimp.