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Albert Heijn: Peanut flips by Bannie

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

It has been awhile since I have been writing to you, maybe you have forgotten about me and my crazy obsession with crisps. However I have not forgotten to write a review for this the first wednesday of 2018. Crispy new year all.

To write this review I needed to go back to the sixth of December, the day I reviewed the Chio Emmentaler crisps. In this review I stated that peanut flips are an excellent combination. What I needed to establish now was how these ‘flips’ tasted on their own.  

When one opens the bag you smell stale peanut butter, it resembles the cent of the jar of the condiment that has been left open for a lifetime. The crunch reminds of the box foam fillings you used to get when you ordered a package. the flavour lacks salt, however it does taste like peanut.
The Chio Emmentaler was an extraordinary crisp it hid the disgusting taste of this horrendous crisp! a crisp so not special or interesting that you simply forget about its existence a little like the Dutch city of Almere.

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