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Chio Kettle Cooked: Sour cream and (spring) Onion by Bannie

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

Chio Kettle Cooked: Sour cream and (spring) Onion by Bannie
One of the crisps that got barely any attention in our poll for chips I should review in 2018 was Sour Cream and onion, a personal favorite of myself, but apparently not in your top 5.
That is okay we (you) clearly make mistakes sometimes! Something else entirely is that a friend of mine has asked me at least a bazillion times to review the Chio Kettle crisp line. So I thought why not combine the two the Chio Kettle with the sour cream and apparently Chio thought the same thing, so…. here we are!

Smell wise these crisps our a little to much fat compared to the sour. The Packet will tell you that these crisps are extra crunchy, however, stale is not crunchy and these crisps were hard from staleness, notting else. the flavour was sour like a glass of rotten milk.
In short these crisps are not woth the money you spend.

€1.49 for 150grams that is €0,009