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Lays Naturel by Marijn de Vries

Laatst geüpdatet op januari 30, 2024

So I have been asked to write a review for this wonderful website by my good friend Sem Bannenberg. This is something we as humans have been yearning for: a website that rates crisps. So many different brands, so many different flavours, where should one go to find what crisps are wanted for specific situations. But now it is there in the form of this website. You’re welcome. 
Let me kick off with one of the most known crisps: Lays Naturel (or Walkers Ready Salted, depending where you live). It’s the crisp you turn to for parties or birthdays. It’s a rather safe bet, but is it any good?
Let me start by saying they live up to their name. They are salty, but not much more than that. There is a whim of potato, sure, but it’s overshadowed by the saltiness of the crisp. But that’s not the only problem of this crisp.
The name says it all: a crisp is crispy. Or should be at least. This ‘crisp’ disappears when you put it in your mouth, there is no real bite, there is no crunch. Instead, the crisp almost vaporises in your mouth, leaving you with a lot of salt in your mouth.
And that’s actually all there is to say about this crisp, so I will end with my final verdict. Lays Naturel (or Walkers Ready Salted) is ok to have as a bite on parties where you don’t want to spend too much money on. As a crisp I find it rather disappointing both in taste and in crunch.