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De Rit Organics: Chickpea Crisps Paprika by Sem/Bannie

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

After the horrid crisps, I ate last week I needed something better, something more pure and healthy. I was in need of a crisp with a high recommendation, stability is what I craved. However, one does not become a world-renowned crisp connoisseur by eating “save” crisps, and that is why I asked some advice! My girlfriend told me about chickpea crisps and she even brought me a packet of the stuff.

Let me say one thing first, it is a tiny bag of crisps and it is more expensive than a threesome in the Amsterdam red light district, including your own girlfriend! A packet of chickpea crisps contains 75 grams and sells for 2,39 euro’s, that is 3,18 cents a gram. In comparison: a “normal” packet of Lays paprika crisps contains 225 grams and costs 1,29 euro. That is 1,7 cents a gram, about half the price of these “healthy” snacks. Are these crisps worth the price? Let the test begin!

When you open the bag there is no scent, no flavour in the air. This is strange because paprika is normally regarded as a heavy flavoured crisp with a distinct smell. The crisps are all quite small in size and most of them are near perfect circle shaped. This is the sign of a mass-produced, press crisp as we know from Pringles, a worrying sign for a “healthy” product. However, when you put one of these chickpea circles in your mouth, the crunch is… it is amazing, it is as if they are infused with chicken skin, even though these vegan crisps are not! While chewing on these disks of glory you hear a perfect crack as if it was composed for a TV advert. However, the flavour is lacking. You will taste salt, but paprika is almost impossible to find in the crisp. I may have tasted some paprika while eating my fifth crisp but that may have been a fluke.

I am a big believer in “You get what you pay for”. These crisps are called paprika flavoured for a reason, and that is why I have to mark them down. I do, however, want to recommend everyone who can afford them to buy these crisps. Next week I will try the sea salt flavour of the same brand to see if they hold nearer to what is advertised.