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Paprika crisps by Sem Bannenberg/Bannie Cheff.

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

On the continental Europe, we have a lot of good things, we also have a lot of strange things, and we have paprika crisps. In this review, I will try to determine of the paprika crisp from Lay’s is a worth it to hop over to good old Amsterdam!
I was testing this crisp on a beautiful evening an evening of historical importance, was it important because of the crisp? Nope, it was Sunday the 6th of August 2017 the day of the Women’s Euro cup final, yeah the final we (The Netherlands) won! The shirt of the girls was the same colour as the paprika crisp which is bright orange (the Dutch royal colour), and that gave the crisp kind of a Dutch vibe, which made the experience even more pleasurable.
Let’s get back to the crisp like I said before it has a strong orange colour and this is a good sign the smoked paprika spice that it is supposed to be tasting like has the same colour!
Upon entering one’s mouth, the expected crispness does not over perform, but you understand the thought behind the crunch. The taste smoked paprika spice takes over with just the right amount of spiciness; then the salt takes over, what follows is a near perfect umami, this is it, my friends, the one true crisp to rule them all. 
The future is bright the future is orange. If you have the change eat these crisps are they worth a 100-quit ticket to Amsterdam? Probably not, but after a spliff or two you will thank me and get a bag of these amazing crisps!