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TartufLanghe: Truffle Crisps by Bannie

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

I made a horrendous mistake in almost all my previous reviews: I almost never gave my readers the gram to euro ratio of the crisps. From this review onwards I will start doing so.

The bag of truffle crisps I am reviewing this week was very small (only 45g) and the price was 3,25 euro. That’s 14 cents per gram (rounded up). Compared to the AH homebrand natural crisps, 200g for 0,89 euro (0,005 cent per gram rounded up), that’s quite high.

I love crisp brands that take themselves seriously. I can really understand and respect the product they sell then. TartufLanghe does this perfectly. When one opens the bag, the inside is gleaming gold color instead of the standard aluminium color. This gives a feeling of expansiveness and that adds to the experience.
The smell is strong of truffle. However, I later noticed on the ingredients list that they used freeze dried truffles. The smell might be a little too good to be true. The texture of the crisps was nice and crunchy and the crisps were exceptionally well sliced and big in size. The taste was musky, strong like the swines that are used to find the truffles. But after a couple of crisps it dawned on me… I missed something, an essential flavour: salt. The crisps became a little boring tastewise, so maybe it was alright that the bag was this small.


These crisps could still be served on a special occasion, maybe with a light sour cream and onion dip.