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We want your input for our reviews

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

Hello there, How have you guys been? We, Captain Cane & Brace Boy are planning a lot of stuff for 2018 more on that in another post. One of the things we are planning is more crisp reviews and we are wondering what type, flavors and brands of crisps you would like us to review?

We would love your input for this and that is why we made a little poll that you can use to vote for your favorite crisps for us to review. you can vote until the first of January 2018. the top three of recommended crisps will definitely get a review in the new year.

If your crisp is not yet part of the poll please add it below in a comment or sent us a message on Facebook or tweet at us. you can do so until the first of December.