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AH Excellent: Sea salt & Rosemary by Bannie

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

Salt and Vinegar was never a standard or ordinary choice in the Netherlands. However, a couple of years ago it got some recognition and this blazed the way for more ‘simple’, less flavour heavy crisps, such as salt and pepper and salt combined with herbs.
Rosemary is a logical choice in this line of crisp. It is a subtle herb with a long-standing tradition in simple but delicious foods. Legends even state that rosemary was used in the magic drink Getafix made to keep the village of Asterix free from Roman invaders. No wonder that Rosemary is now so popular!

When you open the bag you do not smell a lot, this appears to be a true subtle crisp. The taste is easy going. It does not trick you, it is just what the package tells you: Rosemary with some salt. It is delightful, light, beautifully shaped. The crunch is decent, as expected and in accordance with the rest of the crisp. This is a true class act. A crisp you can easily present to your in-laws to make a good impression. A crisp you serve on a date when you want to come over as a civilized person that has never eaten a whole bag of crisps in one go, while you were crying about the ending of Star Wars Episode III because they did not drop Jar Jar in a fiery pit of lava! I hate Jar Jar so much!