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Chio: Käseln Emmentaler Flavour by Bannie

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

A lot of crisps try to do something with cheese or at least cheese flavour. cheese and onion, cheese flavoured doritos, ham and cheese. But the crisp that gets reviewed today is just Cheese, and Swiss cheese at that.

The smell of the crisp reminds me of powdered Emmentaler I used to eat on crackers as a child. The crunch of this crisp is supreme it is an experience that envies the sights of the Musee du Louvre in Paris. This crisp has an amazing feature: it is made in the shape of a little bubble which means that you experience the astounding crunch twice for every bite! A feature not seen by me before. The taste is honest, it just tastes like cheese notting wrong or spectacular. To be totally honest these crisps are basically premade crackers with powdered Emmentaler. All the crisps are just a little small to which means that you keep on eating them to fill that soulless void you have between your ribs since you found out that Pokemon are not real.
If you want to make this great chip even  you should combine it with some Pinda flips, also known as my review of next week.

1 cent for each gram, 125 grams in the bag