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Croky: Bolognese by Bannie and Marijn

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

Ever mesmerize about the good old days when you were young and the only problems you had were the amount of pocket money you got, how much candy you could buy with it and if the school bully would beat you up for it. Times where these crisps could make or break a party. But are these crisps really good or is it just nostalgia? Let’s find out!

The name ‘bolognese’ implies that the taste is like the pasta sauce with the same name. You expect tomato, garlic, union and the umami that only minced meat can bring. Yet my memory of the Croky bolognese is of spices and a little heat. Not something to binge eat while watching your favourite series or you would end up with pain in your belly.

Important to know: Lays also has a bolognese flavoured crisp. But if you think the Lays and the Croky ones are alike, you couldn’t be more wrong. This one definitely has the preference taste wise, or at least as I remember it. Does the taste live up to the memory?

The taste is powerful, spicy, the smell for what was left of it after the initial opening was strong of tomatoes, herbs and ‘garlic’. The texture or crunch was middle of the road. Not too flakey but definitely not the crunch you dream of in your crisp eating dreams. It was a good crisp but not as legendary as my memory made me think.  I need to state here that I had looked at 3 different stores before I found this initial bag of Croky Bolognese normal cut.

Let me fast forward to today. I was doing some shopping at the Action (the Dutch equivalent of Poundland) buying wash baskets and such. I was standing in the checkout queue when I saw it. The holy grail! Croky Bolognese Ridge cut crisps.
The Smell was strong but refined like an aged wine. The taste more supple than the normal cut version. And the crunch ladies and gentlemen, the crunch is of that of a freshly baked baguette, supreme. This is the legend of old the once and future crisp of mankind’s dreams.

Which crisps did you eat growing up? and are they still as good as in the olden days?