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De Rit Organics: Chickpea Crisps Sea Salt by Bannie

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

I received quite a lot of comments on last week’s review about Chickpea Paprika crisps. The readers of this foodblog were wondering if chickpea crisps are not just small papadums, I looked it up and to my surprise and maybe some of yours too it is not a small papadum, papadums are traditionally made out of black gram flour, a flour that is exceptionally rich in calories. Keep that in mind next time you order the papadums with pickles.

One might say this blog is getting exceptionally rich on chickpea crisp reviews. However, after last week’s “success” I had to give these perfectly round shaped treats a second chance. For those who are wondering: yes, I had to get a loan to pay for this bag of crisps.

Again, when opening the packet you do not smell a thing. But the crunch…. it was even more intense than the Paprika version. Every time you take a bite the crunch is just perfection. Then the taste: let me be honest, the packet said sea salt and that was it. it was not heavily salted. One could even say it was lightly salted. It was no false advertisement, just plain old salt with an amazing crunch. I am glad I opted into the possibility to get half my liver transplanted into a russian oil earl, it was worth it. However I am not getting anymore vital organs transplanted after this so next week will be a more common crisp.