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HEMA: Smoked Sausage crisps by Bannie

The Dutch smoked sausage is often overshadowed by the fame of the german frankfurter, a disgusting germanic contraption not worthy of the name sausage. Our smoked sausage is from far better stock and everyone that has ever eaten one of these rods of pure holy bliss knows the HEMA has been making the best smoked sausage. Since 2014 they have started to make smoked sausage crisps.

I think it is time to give the smoked sausage crisp a try. However, my friends and family were not open minded about these crisps. Even though they are completely vegan. You do not even have to cheat your hipster pig worshipping diet for them. I  was afraid of liking these crisps, of becoming a pariah. People would pass me in the street whispering to each other snickering behind my back.

At first I was afraid, I was petrified but then I opened the bag. The smell that oozed out reminded me of the smell of the warm water that is used to keep the smoked sausage in the nice and hot in the store. I tried one of the crisps and put it in my mouth. The crunch was basic. One could even say it was a little flaky but overall the texture was up to standards. The taste however, was fantastic it tastes exactly as a smoked sausage. Then the fat and salt started to take over it is a crisp after all. After about four or five crisps you only tasted fat and salt, which is a shame. I still think there is a lot to improve on these crisps. To be perfectly honest I liked these crisps I would buy them again but the fat and salt at the end makes you feel dirty inside. This is a little like a bag of Patatje Joppie crisps you want more but do you need it?

Do you have a crisp you secretly like but people discriminate you for it?

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