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Lays Paprika Light 33% less fat by Bannie

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

As a crisp reviewer you have to watch your weight. Eating (at least) a bag of crisps a day is an unhealthy and maybe even life threatening “hobby”. You might say I am exaggerating, but please keep in mind that obesity is one of the biggest killers out there. Obesity even killed more people than Genghis Khan, which is quite an accomplishment.  Please keep in mind that in the two past weeks I have eaten Chickpea crisps and those are quite full on calories. When you realise this, you can fathom that I needed a less fat crisp.

Let me be honest: I am not going to eat crisps as a healthy snack! That is the type of behaviour of people that order a full king size menu at McDonald’s and then ask for a sugar free soda “because they are worried about their figure”. Go eat a salad people and do not buy one in the store, MAKE IT YOURSELF!!. Eating low fat crisps is about as ‘healthy’ for a person as punching one’s  girlfriend in the belly  is a good way of anticonception!

I bought the packet of crisps while I was grumbling about buying a full priced bag that contained 33% less of the the product. When I got home I opened the bag and I found out the following: opening the bag, I smelled no paprika! This is a worrying sign indeed!

At first sight the crisp does look like a normal paprika crisp. I popped one into my mouth and it did taste like a paprika crisp. However, part of the crunch was more flakey or chewy than crispy! After tasting a second crisp I established that these crisps do indeed taste like paprika but not as plentiful as the ‘normal’ Lays Paprika crisps. If you want some paprika flavoured crisps, just go into the store and grab the original Paprika. And for the crunch lovers: get the ridge cut! That one never disappoints.