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Pipers CO: Chorizo

Laatst geüpdatet op februari 1, 2024

On the 20th of September I tasted Lidl Chorizo crisps and it was horrible! A crisp-experience that will haunt me to the end of time. However I felt like I should give Chorizo flavoured crisps another chance and so I did with a slightly more quality brand.

The smell is musky like a dog that took a dive into a paprika soup. The texture is beyond believe. It is an amazing crunch that simply begs to to be eaten. And this crisp actually tastes far better than it smells. It does indeed taste like the chorizo sausage it is meant to taste like. Although the saltiness of the crisp takes over quite harshly, this means that the eater needs quite a lot of water to compensate. The flavour is like a strong smoked paprika and spicy spanish pepper. It takes your mouth over like a reconquista. This crisp is far better than the Lidl version and no, this was not a surprise.

150 grams in the packet for the price of €2,50.
€0,06 a gram